IR-6 is a team of experienced investigators and quantitative analysts that have been assembled with the evolving demands of a dynamic world in mind. With decades of industry experience, IR-6 is able to offer unique, yet proven, professional solutions to a wide array of complications.


IR-6 works with you to target specific problems and identify suitable solutions. We utilize our vast professional resources to obtain all available information and our experience to analyze and filter this information to produce accurate results.

All reports and supporting documentation are prepared by our investigators and reviewed by senior staff members for accuracy and thoroughness. Each report bears the signature of one these senior staff members and is backed by their years of investigative experience.


IR-6's dynamic infrastructure was designed with the understanding that all businesses are constantly faced with unique complications. We rely on our ability to adapt to the specific and novel needs of each of our clients on a case by case basis. During the planning phase, senior investigators review each case and consult on an effective approach - often developing new techniques and methods, or employing novel research tools. Once investigations are underway, IR-6 continues to adapt - Field staff are trained in the art of solving problems on the spot and are supported by home office investigators who can supply real-time information to mobile staff.


We are ready and available right now. Our staff are available at all times via our office phone, cell phones, email and this website.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of IR-6’s approach to the investigative process. It facilitates our complete understanding of a situation and supports the ongoing dynamic process of an investigation - a process that ensures a sound, cost-effective approach, and which maximizes results. We will be in contact with you prior to, during, and at the conclusion of every investigation.

We afford constant contact to our clients by utilizing multiple forms of communication at all times.