Criminal History

IR-6 conducts comprehensive criminal history investigations on the county, state and federal level. We treat every criminal background search as an individual investigation, ceasing only when the information is complete and accurate. Be certain that your provider is not utilizing large pre-purchased databases with insufficient and antiquated information. We gather our information from the most direct source available in the jurisdiction searched.

Our criminal history investigations include incarceration searches and sex offender registry searches ensuring the most comprehensive and wide-spread investigation into the potentially troubled past of an individual.

Why would a criminal history investigation be necessary?

Some common reasons to conduct a criminal history investigation include the following:

Compliance With Legislation - Recent state and federal legislation has increased demands on companies to conduct comprehensive criminal background investigations of any employees in a position where harm could be done to a customer or another individual
Pre-employment Screening* - Identifying a potential threat to your company's well being during the application process is the most cost effective way of reducing risk, especially considering that negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. False or inflated application or resume information may lead to the unqualified placement of an individual.
Active Employee Screening* - A comprehensive criminal background investigation conducted on current employees can immediately identify an employee who might be a threat to the company as well as incomplete screening and/or oversight during the hiring process.
Who has a use for criminal history investigations? Information regarding the criminal past is valuable information for a wide range of individuals and companies.
  • Companies whose employees are in direct contact with consumers, especially those that provide in-home or delivery services
  • Individuals entering into a business or partnership with an unknown entity
  • Companies that handle sensitive/personal information
  • Any company vulnerable to theft, fraud, extortion, bribery, embezzlement, time-stealing, etc. No companies are immune.
  • Families or companies placing individuals in the care of children
What is our turnaround time for criminal history investigations?

From criminal background request to comprehensive trial-ready report, our turnaround time is approximately one business day.

Where can criminal history investigations be conducted?

Criminal history information is available in all 50 states. However, while most states compile their records on a statewide basis, others maintain their records at the county level. Because we compile our information directly from the courts the date range and availability of data varies from state to state.

*IR-6 Investigations, LLC is defined by the FCRA as a "consumer reporting agency" (FCRA ยง603f) and thus adheres to the guidelines set forth within. When conducting a background investigation for purposes of employment, employer must obtain authorization from employee in the form of a stand-alone document. These forms can be provided by IR-6 upon request.

Criminal history searches are a compilation of available records (dependent on various jurisdictions) of an individuals prior arrests, convictions and incarcerations.