Arbitration & Litigation Support

Our staff of experienced investigators provides diverse expertise in wide-ranging fields, allowing IR-6 to professionally handle your each and every need. We report facts - plain and simple. All reports and supporting documentation are presented in a trial-ready fashion and can be formatted to suit any requirements.

Why is A/L Support needed?

Evidence presented by an outside, unbiased source is powerful in any arbitration or litigation. Being prepared is the only way to enter into arbitration or litigation and the only way to be prepared is to have complete knowledge of all relevant facts. The services provided by IR-6 Investigations can be a valuable asset - examples of how we can assist you in the legal arena include:

  • Gathering and Retaining Evidence
  • Locating Witnesses
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Acquiring Signed Statements
  • Reconstructing Accident Scenes
  • Determining the Credibility of a Witness
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Cause or Origin of Losses
  • Media Support and Enhancements
  • Obtaining Photographs
  • Conducting Surveillance
  • Retrieving Police Accident Reports
  • Identifying Background Information
  • Identifying Criminal History
  • Performing Asset Searches
Who needs/uses A/L Support?

A-L Support is not limited to lawyers. Individuals or companies may want to research or document certain facts in anticipation of arbitration or litigation.

When can IR-6 offer A/L Support?

The turnaround time for support cases in wholly dependent on the nature of the case. A turnaround estimate will be available upon receipt of case facts and requirements.

Arbitration/Litigation Support (A/L Support) is a variety of unbiased services provided by IR-6 intended to support an argument, directly or indirectly, in arbitration or a court of law. A/L Support can be as simple as gathering data that is readily available or as complex as identifying and locating a previously unknown witness who is critical to the reconstruction of an accident.