Background Investigations

For IR-6, the term "background investigation" refers to a vast range of services that overlap or include other services described on our website, such as Criminal History, Arbitration/Litigation Support, Due Diligence and Skip Tracing. Background investigations are frequently the starting point of all our investigations. Most commonly, our background investigations are used as part of our comprehensive pre-employment screening.

Some of the information available from our background investigations includes:

  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Identity Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Address History
  • Property Ownership
  • Criminal History
  • Civil Litigation History
  • Sex Offender Registry Listing
  • Military Records
  • Character Reference
  • Licensing Records
  • Driver License Information
  • Vehicle Registry & Ownership
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Current Employment
  • Employment History
  • Education Verification
  • Assets
How does IR-6 conduct Background Investigations?

Background investigations such as those used in our pre-employment screening process are a combination of specialized resources, experience and knowledge. IR-6 offers more than data-mining companies - we know where to get information, how to get the information and most importantly, are able to identify accurate information. IR-6 performs continuous maintenance to ensure that our resources are the most up to date and accurate available.

Why would someone conduct a background investigation?

The reasons for conducting a background investigation are virtually endless. There is more information legally available to you or your business than you may realize. Contact us to learn how IR-6 can help you.

Who has a need for background investigations?

Those who seek information that is not readily available to them are in need of background investigations. Whether the information required is past or present, an experienced professional investigator might be your only resource for complete and accurate facts.

When can background investigations be conducted? What is the turnaround time?

IR-6 is available to conduct background investigations every minute of every day and reports can often be compiled and prepared within the same business day. Complex investigators may require additional time but all efforts are made to ensure the quickest possible delivery of a complete trial-ready report.

Where can IR-6 conduct background investigations?

IR-6 can conduct background investigations in all 50 states.

Background investigations are the searching inquiries for purposes of ascertaining facts, past and present, by detailed and careful examination, regarding one's origin, education, experience and actions in relation to their character, status, qualification, etc.